Joel Pena- A Smile that Lights up the World


Joel Pena has always aspired to be an American Citizen. He was able move to the United States in 2012 from the Dominican Republic when he was 19 years old. Joel has Cerebral Palsy, but has never let it hold him back in life.

As a child, Joel had very little opportunity for education. He had a lot of setbacks and challenges to get to school due to no transportation- aside from his difficulty walking. Joel, like all of us, just needed the right support and opportunities to grow. Joel’s spirit and advocacy has never let his disability, poverty, neglects/abuses, Read

We are thrilled to announce we are a recipient of the $100Kfor100 from the Cummings Foundation!!!

Cummings Photo

 We would like to recognize Abigail Eaves, Director of Programs, for leading this grant proposal, and for the employment project we call The COMET (Community Opportunities for Meaningful Employment and Training).

The COMET will provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the Merrimack Valley and Seacoast Communities. The goal is to create an organic employment opportunity based on real-life work settings.  This grant will help us in starting our new Supported Employment Contract funded by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Participants will develop work ethic, self-leadership skills, understanding of group dynamics, skills, and explore employment opportunities.