Agency with Choice & Individualized Home/Day Supports

Agency With Choice

The Arc’s Agency With Choice (AWC) program is funded by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and based on the philosophies of self-determination and self-direction. This empowering program allows individuals and families to customize their own services while receiving supports and consultation from The Arc’s Support Coordinators.

Contact: Stacy Bellavia, Manager of DDS Programs, 978-373-0552 ext 226.

Individual Day & Home Supports

Our AWC program has two separate components: the Individualized Day Supports and the Individualized Home Supports.  As the Agency of Record, The Arc plays a co-supervisory role with the individuals and families we support.

We present ourselves not as we know it all, but as we are here to follow your lead. We have professional knowledge and information that may assist you. We see our role as consultants making recommendations when needed. As the Agency of Record we provide all of the trainings, supports, and record keeping required by the DDS Central Office.

Contact: Stacy Bellavia, Manager of DDS Programs, 978-373-0552 ext 226.

For additional information or answers to some of your questions please check out our Agency With Choice Brochure.

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