The Value of Coming Together and Staying Together

 “We cannot hold the torch to light another’s path without brightening our own way” – Ben Sweetland

Within the Human Services Community, our Direct Care staff can sometimes feel underappreciated and undervalued.  The staff on the front lines play difficult yet important roles in the lives of those we serve.  At The Arc of GHN, we value our direct care staff, appreciate their hard work and always look for opportunities to recognize their efforts and commitment.  One of the ways in which we do this is with our quarterly Real Lives Award; one of our amazing field staff, nominated by office staff or the people we support, is presented with a certificate of appreciation and a generous gift.  This last year we also had our first Field Staff and Family appreciation celebration to honor our families, providers and staff who tirelessly make a difference to those we serve.  We strive to honor their hard work and dedication; their compassion never goes unnoticed.

I’m personally humbled by those who share their stories with me.  Oftentimes, I’m able to hear stories from our staff that make me laugh, bring tears to my eyes, and warm my soul.  I’m moved by those who are so humbled by the work they do.  In the Human Services field, we often make sacrifices in order to change lives; however, most of us soon realize that through this process the lives changed were our own.  We have always attracted staff to this agency who share our values and when interviewing staff, we often ask the question, “Why do you want to work in the human services field?”  These are some of the best answers I’ve received:

“Because I’ve been fortunate in my life to be independent and strong and live a full and happy life. I want to help others to have that too even if things come with more difficulty.  Everyone deserves to feel like they’ve lived a happy life”

“I’ve always wanted to work with people.  I love the idea of working with people who need help. I want to help others and spend my time doing something that actually makes an impact.” 

The important work of our valued staff can sometimes feel isolating as they often work independently in the field. As the social media world evolves, we are looking more and more to this platform to help us stay connected with people in our community.  In an effort to communicate more effectively with our staff and providers we have created a staff only group through our Facebook account called ‘Arc Field Staff and Providers’; I would like to invite you all to join. Being added to this group is private and all correspondence is only for members to see. Joining the group does not give us access to your personal Facebook page if you have your settings on private.  I’m hopeful this page will allow us to send out important information to everyone when time is limited.  We will post updates about payroll and timesheets, weather delays and office closings.  The most important role of this page is to share information that helps your work and to create a supportive community. It will also be used to find coverage for anyone needing staffing hours and for you to let us know you’re looking for more hours.  It will also be a great way to share upcoming events with one another.

Please request to join our page and stay connected with us.  It takes a village they say…, so let’s stay connected and empower each-other to continue doing what we love.

-Stacy Bellavia, Manager of DDS Programs

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