Ages 19 – 21

Transition Planning 


  • By age 20 (or 2 years prior to terminating special education), the school special education administrator initiates a Chapter 688 referral to the appropriate human service agency to serve the student as an adult. Individuals who receive Social Security/Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are automatically eligible for Chapter 688, others must go through an eligibility determination process
  • Individual Transition Plan (ITP) Meeting. No later than 9 months prior to graduation (usually around the student’s 21st birthday), the Chapter 688 Liaison from the human service agency convenes the ITP meeting where the plan is developed. The student, family, school team, and any involved adult service agencies need to think about the programs and support needed (short-term, 1-2 years) when the student leaves school. The Chapter 688 Liaison is responsible for writing the ITP and submitting it to the Transitional Advisory Committee (TAC), which must approve, modify or reject the ITP. The TAC decision can be appealed by the student/parent.
  • Visit different day programs (and residential programs, if determined those services will be available) that provide services and supports to determine an appropriate placement for your child, or consider options such as self-directing your child’s services or selecting Agency With Choice, a co-employment model.
  • Try to ensure your child has had either an after-school job or weekend job with pay.
  • Make sure your child has REAL work experiences in the community with local businesses.
  • Find an adult primary physician and dentist.
  • 3-5 months before leaving school, the student/family should call DDS (or other adult agency) area office to see if a service coordinator has been assigned and is beginning to develop your child’s adult services. 

Transition Timeline (Arc Mass)

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