Individual Support Services (ISS)

Supporting people living individually in their own homes within the community

Our Individual Support Services (ISS) program consists of services and supports for a variety of home & community activities that may be provided regularly, but less than 24 hours per day, that enable the individual to live independently and in the least restrictive setting in the community.  Participants receive support and guidance in establishing a household of their choosing that meets their needs.  

Our ISS program is based on our agency’s mission and vision- as well as on the unique needs and preferences of the individuals being supported. Therefore, our service is based on the dignified concept of people of different abilities exploring opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. This is a DDS funded program for people who have been deemed eligible.

The Arc’s Individual Support Services is designed to address the following specific home needs, but not limited to:

  • Obtaining and maintaining affordable and accessible housing
  • Household management and related tasks (mail, cooking, cleaning, laundry)
  • Health care management (medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse)
  • Money management (paying bills, budgeting, banking)
  • Meal planning (menus, shopping, food prep, cooking)
  • Participation in community activities (attending events, transportation, meeting new people)
  • Social and relationship issues, companionship
  • Recreation/Leisure planning
  • Advocacy/Self-advocacy
  • 24/7 Emergency Line

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