Shared Living

The Arc’s Shared Living is based on the philosophy that people of different gifts and abilities share their lives by living together under the same roof in a mutually satisfying home setting.

Shared Living Home Providers support the person in their day to day needs. Home Providers receive a generous tax exempt monthly stipend based on the level of care the person requires.

Payment includes room and board,  and basic day to day care and supports.  This program is funded by the Department of Developmental Services. Most people with disabilities in a Shared Living placement either work or volunteer in the community and have some type of day activity or program.

Our Shared Living program is supported and supervised by Support Coordinators through monthly home visits and 24/7 on-call emergency support. Our team works closely with the person and/or family as well as the Home Providers to identify potential matches and provide ongoing support with the management of the person’s needs.

This program also allows some family members or relatives (who are not parents or guardians) to become Shared Living Home Providers for their loved one.  The Arc embraces the philosophy that relationship building is an integral component to a person’s success. To this end, we are committed to matching individuals with providers who have a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the person’s unique needs.

Contact: Grimaldy Rios, Director of DDS Programs, 978-373-0552 x215.

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