Turning 18 – Age of Majority

Transition Planning into Adulthood

Turning 18 Checklist (Adapted from The Arc of Mass Transition Timeline)

  • Looking into future planning – www.futureplanning.thearc.org
  • Help your child actively participate in his/her IEP meeting. He/she should be part of planning their learning and life goals.
  • Make sure emphasis on IEP is on post-school goals that will make the biggest differences in the life of your child.
  • Continue to consider transition assessments to clarify student’s continued skill development needs.
  • Invite a representative from a human service agency, (example: Transition Coordinator from DDS or MRC) to attend your child’s IEP meeting.
  • Network with other families who have been through the transition process.

Other Turning 18 Checklists:

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